10 Things That Make Me Unproductive At Work

Posted on: February 13, 2007

10. The Heat. Our office [or at least our side] is like a living hell. The aircon hasn’t been working for more than a week now and I think the heat has been going up my head, damaging all my productive braincells. Thus, can’t think of anything sensible.

9. Busted Internet Connection. Our internet connection has been going on and off and it really pisses everybody’s mind off. Half my work depends on research and this situation leaves me helpless everytime.

8. Daydreaming. Sand. Waves. Blue skies. 2-piece swimsuit and my sunblock. I always think about getting a vacation amidst all the chaos at work that sometimes I am having a hard time snapping out of a good ‘ol day dreaming.

7. Audio from the peoples’ mouths a.k.a. NOISE. Some of my colleagues aren’t that considerate. They think everybody can concentrate even with their loud voices destroying the piece and serenity of the room. Focus is derived from silence.

6. The Presence. No, I’m not talking about anything supernatural. I am talking about the big-old-fat-ugly-scary Ogre lurking around the office. Who – in their right mind – would feel comfortable working while being criticized and bashed out?

5. Hunger. I am always hungry; I think I was an obese man in my past life. My stomach growls like crazy, I eat like a pig. I can’t work and I can’t think when I’m at this state. I think it’s pretty normal.

4. Boredom.A friend asks me, How can you be bored when you’re over-loaded with work? I don’t know either. Maybe I am getting bored about work or maybe I am just getting bored by the mere fact that I am compelled to do the same old things and listen to the same old sh*t over and over and damn over again.

3. Youtube.com. So, I am currently addicted to watching ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ on youtube.com. Can’t get enough of Daniel Henney and Hyun Bin’s face… tee-hee. Actually whenever I crave watching someone (or something) I can’t help myself but click away right to youtube’s page… forgetting that hell, I’ve got loads to do.

2. Blogging. Hah. The thing that I love the most! I usually write blogs whenever I feel a sudden strong surge of emotion — happy, sad, mad, or simply plain -blah-. and most of the time, I am overly emotional.

1. Sleepyhead. My eyes are getting heavy… ZZzzzzzz… I always feel sleepy at work. Maybe because I’m not getting enough sleep every time because pf my damn insomnia (which I’ve been trying to battle for years now). So the good ‘ol drowsiness takes effect most often in the afternoon, specifically after lunch. Whattapig.

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