To the Purgatory and Back.

Posted on: February 3, 2007

I just got off from an excruciating four-hour meeting with other business unit heads in the company. It wasn’t actually an almost ‘hellish’ encounter until the ogre showed up. I guess God loves me too much that it wasn’t me who was presenting when he barged in to the conference room. It was the ‘Spawn’. Poor guy, he got a lot of bashing right there and then. Even if the ogre was claiming he wasn’t really mad… hell, we think he is. Poor spawnie guy, almost eaten up by the earth where he stood from too much shame. I don’t normally symphatize with him but I have already been under the same situation with the ogre and it was soooo horrific that I cried after… well, at least not infront of him.

He reminds me of the leprechaun who has no room for other things in his mind but money. It’s so sad. I mean, busines is really business; we need to make profit, earn to at least break even and better if we will make tons of cash to sustain the business and fill in all our material needs. But there is a very tangible line between reasonable goals and targeting the impossible. A person can only do so much.

Take my case for instance. He’s giving me the ‘123’ whenever we’re talking about revenues for this magazine. But I guess he really is ‘babo’ for not comprehending the very simple rule about going into the publishing business – ‘be prepared to lose in the first few months (even years) of your publication. This is a tough business. We don’t go bullying people to advertise in our magazine at a whim. We have to wait. PATIENTLY. But I’m not saying that we have the luxury to be bummers. We have to work hard towards this goal — build a network and work on the visibility and credibility (worthy contents) of the magazine. But the ogre just doesn’t get this. I guess his mind is too clouded with thoughts about money that he becomes irrational.

I really am pissed off. Maybe I should start looking for another job.


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