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I haven’t seen this movie… yet… I’m already in-love with it.

Very very nice song.


My whole body aches (especially my buns… if you know what I mean), probably because of the whole ***damn nightmare ride to and from Trece Martirez, Cavite for a visit at my Aunt and Uncle’s place.

See, these are the people whom we only see once in a blue moon — during Christmas, birthdays and on very rare occasions — since they left Makati to settle in once of those developed subdivisions springing like shitake mushrooms in the rural areas of Luzon. My uncle’s not doing well; been in and out of the hospital so we’ve decided it’s proper to show that we care.

So at around 8am, my mom, ate, ‘kuya’ and me were already aboard this dingy ordinary bus bound to Cavite. I was so sleepy, I didn’t get to sleep until 2am (insomnia strikes again). The fact that I was pissed off that we didn’t get to ride an air condition bus to save us from dusts and the pollution of Metro Manila was intensified by “Napakasakit Kuya Eddie” and “Tukso, Layuan Mo Ako” blaring on the boom box speakers on the background. We were tortured by these long playing music the whole hour and a half bus ride. It was hell. I wanted to kill Imelda Papin right there and then. And I promise to get an i-pod on my next payday!!! My sister, on the other hand, was talking nonstop about getting a car for the family to rid us of this hellish encounters every time we need to travel out of Metro Manila. Heat’s probably gone up to our heads.

Well, we didn’t stay long. We just ate, told some stories, played with my very cute and intelligent nephew, Sean and slept. I was so tired that I snoozed on my aunt’s sofa sitting up. The moment I woke up, everybody’s getting ready to leave already.

Short [and hellish] as it may seem but I should say the visit was worth it. It’s hard to get along with some of our relatives but we intend to keep whatever bond is holding us [closer] with the others.

I am so desperate to have a photo taken with this guy (perpetually my juvenile obsession). And so, with the wonders of Photoshop, I created some magic and… voila!

Hmmmm… I think we look cute together… Nah, I think we look damn good together… Ha-ha!
Just let me indulge. This is my blog anyway v(^_^)v.

Who says that Valentines Day are for couples only? Of course not. I’m happy as this is the first time in years that I felt good about all this hullabaloo everytime the Hearts Day approaches. I am actually wondering if my family is celebrating it at home right now. (Yea, I’m still in the office, finishing an ad proposal on a Valentines night… nice.) Wonder if my pop prepared a nice dinner for mom or if ‘ate’ bought some cake with the ‘Happy Valentines!’ greeting on it. But I’m pretty sure, my beloved baby brother is not giving a sh*t about all this; he’s probably engrossed playing PS2 right now.

It’s ironic how I didn’t see too many indications that it’s actually Valentines Day today but how strongly I felt it. I received a lot of greetings from friends and I just enjoyed watching some of them be surprised by a bouquet of flowers or some other sweet gestures from their significant others. Of course there are some who actually feels bad because they got nada.

This morning, my cab driver was trying really hard to strike up a conversation with me, telling me how he’s been overwhelmed by the prominence of color red everywhere he looked. I was half-tempted to tell him: “baka naman ho color blind na kayo… e wala naman akong nakikitang nakapula eh…” Anyways, it was funny; he was telling me how the owner of the cab he was driving got all excited about the V-Day that he even put red seat covers and tiny little hearts at the dashboard and ‘ceiling’ of his cab. It was lucky I decided not to wear my red pull-over; had I worn it, I would perfectly blend in with the car seat. Yaikks!

Anyway, some people crossed my mind and I was almost convinced that I do miss them. But truth is, I don’t. it’s just fun thinking about them and how I used to ‘share’ some of these sweet moments with them…

  • That guy who gave me a long stem white rose which he got from Mother Mary’s altar. I heard he cried when he learned that I already left for Baguio and he missed giving me his present. Sweet chap. I would love to run into him one of these days.
  • That guy who suddenly kissed me out from nowhere. (Sa cheeks lang naman, promise!) They were playing ‘truth or dare’ and I was busy reading some magazine beside him. He was asked to kiss the person whom he cares most about [at that time]. The bloke suddenly turned to me and without a word kissed me on the cheek! Eh bata pa ko nun… I was surprised. Well, I think that’s sweet too.
  • That guy who never gave me anything but heartache. Let’s just say he played a big part in my teen-age years love-life. Haha. Heartbreaker, you know who you are.
  • That guy who pretended to be my boyfriend because a yucky crewmate in McDonald’s kept harrassing me to be his girlfriend. Hah, he chased the poor guy away and I ended up liking him too much that it broke my heart into pieces when I learned that he likes my best friend more than me. Sad. But happy now.
  • That guy [who looks like my pop] whom I had a crush to in college; a schoolmate in UP Baguio. He has this squeaky, chipmunk-like voice that turns me off every time. But hey, he plays the guitar like Satriani *drooling* I never really got the nerve to talk to this guy.
  • That guy who took me to see the movie ‘Bourne Identity’ (or Supremacy… I can’t actually remember). The jerk tried to kiss me and you-know-what! right there in the middle of the Robinsons Place theatre. Ang baduy! I never saw him after that.
  • That very first guy whom I confessed my feelings to. He told me ‘I rock!’ and I thought it wasn’t really flattering. Nothing really happened. I think I still like him but there’s something in him that turns me off. He doesn’t care about me at all.
  • That guy. Yes, that guy.

It’s funny how I felt they were my world at some point in time and how I overcame and just shrug and smile and laugh at the idea every time I think about them now.

I love L-O-V-E. It’s like the kid in us… it’s silly most of the times.



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