Welcome Back

Posted on: December 15, 2006

So much for vacation.

Yesterday, I had the chance to rest. And I mean rest ‘coz I literally drowsed off the whole day. I caught fever plus colds and cough… the usual sakitin me. The drug I was taking made me dizzy and sleepy which actually was a good thing because I felt I really had a rest.

I’m still not well and I’m back in the office. I had a nice welcome from the ‘Ogre’: The AQ team was given a P12M quota for the year. Whattaf*ck?!?! He’s not f*ck*ng kidding and I feel like I’m f*ck*ng sick, much much worse than yesterday. Actually, I haven’t even recovered yet. Still barking like a mad dog and my nose is already burning hot from too much mucus wiping (eeewww… my sipon seems bottomless… free-flowing… parang iced-tea… hehe).

I swear… the ogre is too ambitious. As if venturing into publications business is as simple as counting 123… backwards. Hello?!? Isn’t it a common knowledge that in any business, the ROI may be achieved not until a year or two? He’s asking for a miracle and we’re not the Messiah to give him that. I wish the good Bathala would put some sense into that man. Hay.

It’s past six already and everyone’s still in the office. Pa’no, wala pang sweldo. U-hmmm… some people got no consideration whatsoever for the welfare of their people. It doesn’t matter if their wallets are dying of hunger or if their poor souls are being deprived of their desires to indulge in the Christmas shopping frenzy. Tsk… tsk…

Logging off. I’ve got a resume to update.


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