Love is.

Posted on: November 28, 2006

Love is…

… seeing my pop walking my mom down the isle in a very simple church blessing after 27 friggin’ years!!! (“,)

Today is very special for my oppa and omma as they renewed their vows of ‘I Do’s’ with God as their witness. Mom and pop were never married in the church; just like any other stupid (ooopsss…) young couples, they rushed to having their civil wedding when mom learned that she’s a few months pregnant with my sister. But I guess they weren’t stupid because they are still together [amid the rollercoaster years of splitting up and making up… the endless fights, especially when pop is a little… okay, totally boozed and mom’s nagging is at its peak] and our family is still intact. I remember mom telling us countless times before that she’s going to leave pop. First was when I was still in prep, then middle school then… basta, I guess that supposed-to-be-heartbreaking warning just became one of mom’s usual threats whenever she’s pissed off with the old man. It was nothing really big for us. Now, we’re all working, probably living each of our own lives although under one roof, and they’re still as sweet as couples in their honeymoon stage. Of course, there are still fights, tears and disappointments but they are facing it together — with us.

Thank God for this. Pop and mom’s love is magic; a miracle that has been made. I swear our family is not a picture perfect one but, again, God has his wonders. It’s even weird that we are not as solid as other families when it comes to religion but we have one faith. And I guess that is enough to hold our bond much stronger.

More photos here.


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