The ‘Ogre’ strikes again

Posted on: November 24, 2006

What do you call a person who has a habit of saying things point blank and taking them back three seconds later? I don’t know with you guys, but I just find them extremely annoying. Apart from my growing dislike about work, I am getting more and more annoyed by the ‘ogre’ whom I was actually referring to here at the beginning of this blog.

Yesterday, we had a meeting and just like the same old sh*t I hear from him time and again, I got all the more confused about what are we supposed to do now. I know I am being the bad guy here since he actually asked us if we are clear about our agenda but I didn’t dare ask. It’s pointless. It’s like daring Pacquiao for another boxing match. I’ll get psyched out ’till my ego is beaten black and blue and barely breathing. Believe me, between us two, an argument is a word that SHOULD not exist. At least until I find a new job.

I promised myself to be productive; its not fair to vent my mounting loathing about him or of this company on my work output. I even have to prove myself more. So this morning, [even without the momentum I so used to have] I mustered up writing long been overdue articles and send out long been overdue email replies and follow-ups. But to my dismay, he called me and demanded a decision on where do we want to transfer. Yes, by the way, I am saying goodbye to my forever seatmate Wayne (who hasn’t been so kind.. tee-hee… kidding…) because the AQ Team has to be together at one area in the office. Ergo, I’m leaving my precious little nook here at the corner; I feel a little sad and excited [about my new working area] at the same time. Anyway, he’s asking us to find a place that we want to occupy but every time we point out something, he’ll tell us those places are out of the question already. Meaning, untouchable. Gulo eh! It looks like we’ll have to settle for the Training Group’s area. Haayy…

But in fairness to the ‘Ogre’, he hasn’t been actually that scary and grumpy as before. As Chinchin and the others suspect, he’s probably in-love. Yaikks! Honestly, I wish him well about his lovelife if it would mean no psyching out and ego-depletion for us his aliping sagigilids. I just wish he’d stop making things difficult for us, or at least for me. I wish I’d never have to feel disgusted everytime he talks to me or I wouldn’t have to anticipate another extreme bashing everytime he’s asking about the magazine.

Whenever I go hiding under my seat when he passes by my cubicle, I tell myself that it is the most stupid thing that a person can do — not literally hide and tuck themselves to the safe confines of their cubicles but feel inferior to another person. Sure, he’s a boss, he’s the king of this company but we have to remember that without us, this would just be another box in a highrise along the posh Ayala Avenue.


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