Posted on: November 20, 2006

Hmm… Good morning Monday!

My horoscope says something interesting:

Your single status has some sexy surprises in store for you once you let yourself enjoy where you’re at instead of wondering about the future. Commit to loving this mode of life and you’ll have more zest than a lemon.


So how long will I have to enjoy this single momenthood? Hehe.


Sunday wasn’t exactly a rest day. I went with my mom to the 168 / Cluster Mall in Divisoria. She did some ‘shopping’ for their Church Blessing on the 28th. I could tell she’s really excited. Pop might be feeling the same way too but he’s just not the type to show it. Finally, mom’s wish to get that blessing will finally come true. Linyahan ba naman ako ng: “Anak, fulfilled na ako.” Yaikksss!!!

Anyway, I usually get up past 12 nn on Sundays but yesterday, I was up even before the hype on the ‘Pacquiao-Morales Fight’ welled up. And Divisoria was once again an ideal target for terrorists to put a bomb scare on — daming tao! And they say the Philippines is a very poor country; but judging the crowd [there] who were shopping as if there is no tomorrow, I would say it’s bullshit.

Didn’t buy anything for myself. My mom even paid for my snacks. Geez, I’m becoming too poor. I am actually saving up because I wanted to buy them something but I don’t know where my money would take me… this sucks. Plus, I think I need a new dress. I would have to wear something decent to their blessing, right?


Anyway, I hope this week would turn out right. I have lots of things to do — way way over my head but I know I can do them. I just need some motivation (^_^)

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