Work is no fun no more…

Posted on: November 15, 2006

Today, I came to work late as usual. It was already 9:15 when I logged in. My mind is still full of haze and I can’t think straight. All I know is that I’m pissed off that I’m already making a habit out of my tardiness… tsk… tsk… bad. I always try consoling myself that it really doesn’t matter if I’m late or night because I often compensate by staying late just to finish what needs to be done for the day. But still, it does make me feel bad.

The funny thing is that whenever I wake up each morning, I care less and less about work… I knew I lost my motivation and I do not know how to regain it. (err… a salary increase might help… hehe). I know myself; once i lose it, i can never take it back.

But yea, here I am, trying with all my might to finish my unfinished business — the 2nd issue of AQ. On my way here, I kept thinking how those pricks could actually be heartless and just let me do this work by myself. Sure I have my layout artist and Jennie and [yea] chocnut but really, they aren’t much help when it comes to developing the entire content of the magazine. I need someone whom I can split half of the writing job with and someone who can do interviews with people we need featured in the magazine or at least do the basic proofreading for me. Because at this point in time, I am doing them all and I’m getting tired… I can only do so much you know.

Plus, the gap-tooth schmuck is back — what else can I ask for, huh? Bad. Bad. Bad.


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