An Ode to ChinChin (Happy Birthday!)

Posted on: November 11, 2006

ChinChin, Chen, Cristine… whatever you call her. She’s that sweet lady who can charm anybody who walks on two legs (yea, probably kahit four legs pa, kahit nga yung laging naka-headstand e— di ba, paa? hehe).

Anyway, a year and a half may not be too long but I feel like knowing you forever. Maybe because you carry within you an aura of transparency, a sensitivity that makes the world laugh and cry with you at the same time.

I remember the first time I met you…’kala ko di ka marunong mag-tagalog… nag-iisip na ko kung sa’n ako huhugot ng English =) Nah, but seriously, the first time I saw you, I know we will be friends… I hope we’ll be friends forever… and ever… and ever.

I like the way we see things on parallel perspectives… (oo na, kahit mas matanda ako sa’yo… ng eight months lang!) It’s funny how our wavelengths meet… nakakaaliw… minsan parang magic.

You sure are a cry baby but we know that within that ‘kutis porcelanang China’ is a toughie… sobrang strong ng personality ni bruha… hehe. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be that Cristine that we know and we love…

Four days later… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ChinChin!!! MWAH!!!

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