Whatta Monday.

Posted on: November 6, 2006

I wonder what this week has in-store for me.

I’ve been quite a sleazebag in the last couple of days (weeks actually), after loosing my ‘heart’ at work. Hmm… how to put it? I just probably felt that working here is pointless. Totally worthless… all my efforts are being flushed down the drain right before my big eyes… sucks. But I’ve never been happier after a gap tooth schmuck-free week… never been happy. I hope he never comes back.


But hey, despite my overly thinning motivation at work, I still am able to pull a few a strings for the second issue of Asian Quality Magazine — poor baby. It’s good that I love this magazine so much to just let it die a natural death. Mom-me will be miserable… kidding.

To be honest, I am becoming to skeptical about this whole AQ thing. Sad but true. For one, I can’t get the support that I need from those people I am actually counting on (well, financially and bureaucratically speaking!). Second, I am working with a**holes… excluding Jen, of course… she’s actually one of those people who are keeping me sane all this time. A**holes, you know who you are. Third, seriously…. I ‘d rather keep my mouth shut.

Haay… I am looking forward to a happy week… another a**hole-free week. Looks like, I’m wrong. Monday morning and the office (the aircon) is all f**ked up! I feel like being roasted inside a mammoth oven. I know, this place is actually living up to its reputation — a hell on earth.

Seriously. Why am I being bitchy?


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