Just like now.

Posted on: November 6, 2006

Yey… I was able to finish a whole novel during the weekend. I’ve been wanting to read more but I usually find myself staring [blankly] at a book whenever I start flipping through its pages. I am becoming more and more a lazy reader. I remember this guy writing in his blog that if you want to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. I love reading alright; but sometimes, I’m just caught up in too much work, hatred about work, hatred about almost everything associated with it that I lose interest in reading… rather, I write. I write furiously and almost in a nonsense pallor that my pieces are becoming too irrational when I re-read them. Point is, I’m starting to lose the whole point of it. But anyway, I am too overwhelmed, I started reading yet another Mary Higgins-Clark novel right away. I swear, not too many people may appreciate her, but I like her style. She’s a more subdued version of Sidney Sheldon. (I think).


Anyway, the heat is coming up to my brains (see previous blog). I’m starting to be too irritated and agitated about almost the simplest and smallest of things. I hope nobody talks to me right now; else, the poor soul would be in a lot of treat (if you know what I mean). I used to be really moody when I was in secondary. I grew out of it when I started working. I realized I needed to be more rational if I want to belong and if I want friends. But really, I can’t help it when sometimes, I snap out of a situation because somebody or someone triggers me. Just like now… You’re really a schmuck, you know that?!?


I want to go home and sleep for the rest of the day. These are the days when I feel like not doing anything at all but write, rant and rave about what pisses me off. And now I also feel like a loser. =(

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