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Love is…

… seeing my pop walking my mom down the isle in a very simple church blessing after 27 friggin’ years!!! (“,)

Today is very special for my oppa and omma as they renewed their vows of ‘I Do’s’ with God as their witness. Mom and pop were never married in the church; just like any other stupid (ooopsss…) young couples, they rushed to having their civil wedding when mom learned that she’s a few months pregnant with my sister. But I guess they weren’t stupid because they are still together [amid the rollercoaster years of splitting up and making up… the endless fights, especially when pop is a little… okay, totally boozed and mom’s nagging is at its peak] and our family is still intact. I remember mom telling us countless times before that she’s going to leave pop. First was when I was still in prep, then middle school then… basta, I guess that supposed-to-be-heartbreaking warning just became one of mom’s usual threats whenever she’s pissed off with the old man. It was nothing really big for us. Now, we’re all working, probably living each of our own lives although under one roof, and they’re still as sweet as couples in their honeymoon stage. Of course, there are still fights, tears and disappointments but they are facing it together — with us.

Thank God for this. Pop and mom’s love is magic; a miracle that has been made. I swear our family is not a picture perfect one but, again, God has his wonders. It’s even weird that we are not as solid as other families when it comes to religion but we have one faith. And I guess that is enough to hold our bond much stronger.

More photos here.


What do you call a person who has a habit of saying things point blank and taking them back three seconds later? I don’t know with you guys, but I just find them extremely annoying. Apart from my growing dislike about work, I am getting more and more annoyed by the ‘ogre’ whom I was actually referring to here at the beginning of this blog.

Yesterday, we had a meeting and just like the same old sh*t I hear from him time and again, I got all the more confused about what are we supposed to do now. I know I am being the bad guy here since he actually asked us if we are clear about our agenda but I didn’t dare ask. It’s pointless. It’s like daring Pacquiao for another boxing match. I’ll get psyched out ’till my ego is beaten black and blue and barely breathing. Believe me, between us two, an argument is a word that SHOULD not exist. At least until I find a new job.

I promised myself to be productive; its not fair to vent my mounting loathing about him or of this company on my work output. I even have to prove myself more. So this morning, [even without the momentum I so used to have] I mustered up writing long been overdue articles and send out long been overdue email replies and follow-ups. But to my dismay, he called me and demanded a decision on where do we want to transfer. Yes, by the way, I am saying goodbye to my forever seatmate Wayne (who hasn’t been so kind.. tee-hee… kidding…) because the AQ Team has to be together at one area in the office. Ergo, I’m leaving my precious little nook here at the corner; I feel a little sad and excited [about my new working area] at the same time. Anyway, he’s asking us to find a place that we want to occupy but every time we point out something, he’ll tell us those places are out of the question already. Meaning, untouchable. Gulo eh! It looks like we’ll have to settle for the Training Group’s area. Haayy…

But in fairness to the ‘Ogre’, he hasn’t been actually that scary and grumpy as before. As Chinchin and the others suspect, he’s probably in-love. Yaikks! Honestly, I wish him well about his lovelife if it would mean no psyching out and ego-depletion for us his aliping sagigilids. I just wish he’d stop making things difficult for us, or at least for me. I wish I’d never have to feel disgusted everytime he talks to me or I wouldn’t have to anticipate another extreme bashing everytime he’s asking about the magazine.

Whenever I go hiding under my seat when he passes by my cubicle, I tell myself that it is the most stupid thing that a person can do — not literally hide and tuck themselves to the safe confines of their cubicles but feel inferior to another person. Sure, he’s a boss, he’s the king of this company but we have to remember that without us, this would just be another box in a highrise along the posh Ayala Avenue.

Hmm… Good morning Monday!

My horoscope says something interesting:

Your single status has some sexy surprises in store for you once you let yourself enjoy where you’re at instead of wondering about the future. Commit to loving this mode of life and you’ll have more zest than a lemon.


So how long will I have to enjoy this single momenthood? Hehe.


Sunday wasn’t exactly a rest day. I went with my mom to the 168 / Cluster Mall in Divisoria. She did some ‘shopping’ for their Church Blessing on the 28th. I could tell she’s really excited. Pop might be feeling the same way too but he’s just not the type to show it. Finally, mom’s wish to get that blessing will finally come true. Linyahan ba naman ako ng: “Anak, fulfilled na ako.” Yaikksss!!!

Anyway, I usually get up past 12 nn on Sundays but yesterday, I was up even before the hype on the ‘Pacquiao-Morales Fight’ welled up. And Divisoria was once again an ideal target for terrorists to put a bomb scare on — daming tao! And they say the Philippines is a very poor country; but judging the crowd [there] who were shopping as if there is no tomorrow, I would say it’s bullshit.

Didn’t buy anything for myself. My mom even paid for my snacks. Geez, I’m becoming too poor. I am actually saving up because I wanted to buy them something but I don’t know where my money would take me… this sucks. Plus, I think I need a new dress. I would have to wear something decent to their blessing, right?


Anyway, I hope this week would turn out right. I have lots of things to do — way way over my head but I know I can do them. I just need some motivation (^_^)

This morning, I had the urge to buy a Starbucks drink (for the sticker… tee-hee!) My kuya is too kind to offer to treat me to a Toffe Nut Latte (“,)

Gela and I had a “Quotable” dialogue before Chin Chin and I went to buy our coffee indulgence. It went something like this:
Thet: Gela, baba na kami… anong gusto mong pasalubong, tissue or stirer? *hehe* Gela: Tissue. (thinks) Ay, stirer na lang…

Tsk… tsk… Classic.

As of today: Got four stickers pa lang… =)

Funny, naiyak ako habang nakikinig ng “My Grown Up Christmas List” ni Kelly Clarkson.

I don’t know. Siguro masyado lang akong emotional na tao. Sa katunayan, madaming kanta yung ‘pag naririnig ko e naiiyak ako — ng wala namang kinalaman sa current issues ko sa buhay. Iyakin lang talaga ako.

Pero come to think of it, I haven’t actually cried in a long time now. ‘Yun bang tipong hagulgol, tulo luha, sipon, laway at kung anong anik-anik. (Hehe… OA na yung laway…eewww) Promise, last time yata e a year ago… nung gabi ng kagagahan ko… haha.

Here’s Clay Aiken’s version… ganda din… sniff… sniff...

Today, I came to work late as usual. It was already 9:15 when I logged in. My mind is still full of haze and I can’t think straight. All I know is that I’m pissed off that I’m already making a habit out of my tardiness… tsk… tsk… bad. I always try consoling myself that it really doesn’t matter if I’m late or night because I often compensate by staying late just to finish what needs to be done for the day. But still, it does make me feel bad.

The funny thing is that whenever I wake up each morning, I care less and less about work… I knew I lost my motivation and I do not know how to regain it. (err… a salary increase might help… hehe). I know myself; once i lose it, i can never take it back.

But yea, here I am, trying with all my might to finish my unfinished business — the 2nd issue of AQ. On my way here, I kept thinking how those pricks could actually be heartless and just let me do this work by myself. Sure I have my layout artist and Jennie and [yea] chocnut but really, they aren’t much help when it comes to developing the entire content of the magazine. I need someone whom I can split half of the writing job with and someone who can do interviews with people we need featured in the magazine or at least do the basic proofreading for me. Because at this point in time, I am doing them all and I’m getting tired… I can only do so much you know.

Plus, the gap-tooth schmuck is back — what else can I ask for, huh? Bad. Bad. Bad.

The time now is 7:46 pm, Saturday… Saturday?!?!?!

Yep… at dahil adik ako… i’m still in my workstation…

Be going home in a while… (^_^)

Today is…

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