Kitten vs ChocNut

Posted on: October 19, 2006

I need to sign up for Anger Management Sessions.

Just this afternoon, a little past lunch, my immediate superior and I re-lived World War II.

Yes, I was so angry I kind of raised my voice at him. We were arguing right in front of our bewildered colleagues. I guess it’s a really bad thing to do – answer back to my superior. But I really just can’t help it. He was already talking nonsense and I felt like he was questioning my capability when it comes to decision-making. I feel like he’s over-exaggerating things and he’s already making a habit out of complicating things, which, by the way, is one of the things I HATE the most.

Not to mention, all these Asian Quality stuffs (my looooooong list of things to do) are way way over above my head and the last thing that I need was him telling me what I should and should not do. It’s unfair because I feel like he’s not doing enough. Thus, I tend to question his capability to be a good example to me. How can the blind lead the blind? (although I am sure I am not)

But anyway, we sat and talked about it (in a more amicable tone). But really, I can’t see the point. I admit I am wrong in answering back; i felt like I did not respect him. My bad. I didn’t apologize though. Not prepared to do so.

The funny thing with him and me is that our arguments are becoming routinary. We talk then we argue. Then that’s it… we walk off as if nothing happened. He says I am narrow-minded and I keep on blocking other’s opinions. The way I see it, he’s also like that. He listens to everybody’s opinion but mine. I only present what I know is prevailing in the current publication practice; they aren’t just my opinions. They’re the reality. Then he says there will always be changes. For me, it’s really simple: ba’t ko papahirapan ang sarili ko?

Really, I just don’t get what he’s trying to implore.

Then, not to mention this really hateful guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to ECCI. The gap-tooth schmuck. HoldenGirl says it all.

This is a bad day.


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