I love you Tuesday (keeping my fingers crossed)

Posted on: October 9, 2006

I wish it’s Tuesday already… then the misery caused by the 1st issue of ASIAN QUALITY MAGAZINE will be over. Hopefully, the printer would be able to deliver them finally… I swear, my patience is running thin… If patience is a virtue, then it is a virtue I just don’t have [well, when it comes to certain things…]

My weekend wasn’t at all good. I was literally a bummer. I just didin’t feel like doing anything except watch and finish one whole ChiNovela… pathetic life, is it? The printer actually spoiled my day by telling me they couldn’t deliver by Monday (which is today). Bunch of schmucks… they don’t know how many heartaches have I endured because of this magazine and I thought they could actually be of any help. Turns out, they’re the last strike of bitter fate- the merciless one.

As much as I would like to wallow and self-pity and waste my energy complaining, I didn’t dare to. It wouldn’t make any difference at all anyway… the magazine wouldn’t still arrive and it can’t bring back any wasted time. So I must wait. As far as I know, I’ve exerted enough effort for AQ’s maiden issue; there is nothing left to squeeze.

What I am worried right now is how to fill up the pages of the second issue considering that out of the 10+ writers that I’ve been pestering with follow-ups during the last couple of days, only two have stuck to the deadline. The others, Jah knows what happened to their articles. Nevertheless, I will make them suffer — kukulitin ko sila!

It’s just so annoying, some people can’t get a clue. I’m really tired explaining [even to those who are not involve] where the magazine is right now. I was seriously considering putting a post in my workstation : “IF YOU’RE GOING TO ASK ME ABOUT ASIAN QUALITY, THINK TWICE, ELSE SUFFER THE REST OF YOUR ECCI LIFE” or “DO NOT DISTURB, BUSY WRITING HIT LIST”.

What do you think?


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