Hay, stupid alzheimers!

Posted on: October 9, 2006

Sh*t, I forgot that I have an interview at 10 this morning with Newslink Agency for the Writer / Editor position that I am applying for! Well, I guess it’s goodbye Newslink… deep shite!!!!!

I forgot myself then I forgot you
But when I woke up it was never true….

Wala lang, that phrase just popped in my head like that [note: thet snapping her fingers].

Stupid alzheimers always gets me in trouble. I wonder if it’s true: old folks used to say a person loses memory everytime he/she takes a peep of his/her bottom while pooping. Yuck no? Whoever came up with that theory is one sick bastard.

Based on experience, I would say Atkin’s Diet really does affect one’s memory. Take my case for instance: I didn’t eat any food with carbs for eight straight days and I noticed I’m becoming more and more forgetful. Well, I know that’s already given but at that time, I was at my worst. Explanation is : lack of carbs results to less secretion of glucose – a monosaccharide or simply sugar, the most important carbohydrate in biology. (since when did I became a Science enthusiast?) Sugar supplies energy to the brain and revs up cellular respiration. Thus, without it, our braincells would actually be weak (… daw, malay ko… narinig ko lang yang theory na yan). Anyway, I haven’t actually heard someone credible confirm that theory. Nevertheless, I stopped my “Atkin’s Diet” and just let “fats be my-fats”. (^_^)

Bottomline is I’m pissed I, once again a prisoner of my own crude and unavoidable but equally hateful forgetfulness, let another opportunity slip right through my small hands.


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