Toothache and Heartache

Posted on: September 12, 2006

Because I am stubborn and I haven’t actually done something to get rid of this pesky tooth (supposedly a year ago) I am suffering big time. This is one of those times when I want to slap myself hard because my molar is really painful. I swear, I’ve been whimpering like a sick kitten from sun-up because of THIS… grrr…

I just have this weird assumption that when my heart aches too much, this pesky tooth wants to do a duet with it… I feel a little heartbroken… with who, don’t ask… it’s the same old sh*t i just can’t get over with. Pathetic I know. Or maybe who knows, I’m just trying to deny myself something; maybe I am not heartbroken… I just think that we are hopeless. (Ba’t naman kase di pwede ang Chinese sa Pinoy?) haha… just kiddin’… as if may future… malala na ko.

Nah, actually I am just sad about the fact that I’ve been wasting time for nothing. I already know and (as far as I have convinced myself) I’ve already accepted what reality is waving furiously at my face. I am just a mere spectator to his stageplay. It’s really amazing I got struck. I felt like I’m hooked. Naks!

But going back to this pesky tooth, I feel like it has its own mind (again, just like my heart). Whenever I’m scheduled for a tooth extraction with my dentist, it becomes like THIS — it aches, it swells … it’s like it doesn’t wanna leave me. Hell, to think that I don’t really need it. I must get rid of it, else suffer forever.

Whatever, I am getting rid of it. I just have to endure the pain. I know I can.


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