SNAFU! Situation Normal All F***d (bleep) Up

Posted on: September 8, 2006

I am not a quitter.

I will stand by these words until my last breath. Naks… Really, I don’t have to be dramatic but I’ve been smothered by anger the whole afternoon today so I am trying to relax and give myself some respite.

I am praying for that day when I will see AQ (the magazine) for real. Pwede rin yung AQ na tao… kidding. I’ve been doing the maiden issue for too long that the mere look of it [the mock-up] makes me want to puke my insides out. Really, I feel like an anchored raft in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. So futile, so helpless.

My dilemma? The printer told me that they wouldn’t be able to deliver the magazines on Tuesday in time for Gelai’s event where it is supposed to be launched. Haayyy… if only I wouldn’t be damned to curse… grrr…

But anyway, as it has always been my principle in life not to be defeated by defeat itself. Ano daw? For me, it’s better to move on than to wallow in distress. It wouldn’t solve the problem anyway so why fritter my time away to such mindless act?

I swear I’d lay down every ounce of my self worth for this magazine to happen. Now, I want something to make it all worth the effort. I know some people’s ears are probably burning with my unending qualms about this project but what can I do, I myself can’t even see the end of it (or of the first issue at least).

Adding up to my woes are the schmucks who think they’re God’s gift to the world… Well sorry to deflate your overly humongous egos… the world can go on without you. I can live without you so get your sh*t out of my sight. Oooopsss… sorry got carried away. I swear these people believe they will be here for eternity. Too sad, they don’t know that life is too short compared to forever to live most of it in good faith. I’ll just pray for them.

Weekend… weekend… It’s already half past nine in the evening but here I am in my workstation sending last minute emails to more writers for our second issue. See, the first issue’s not even out and I’m already killing myself for the next one. Wake Up Thet! Blah…

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