Morning dilemmas

Posted on: September 5, 2006

If health is wealth, then I’d be poor…

Morbid as it may seem but I think I wouldn’t live too long to witness my old age. I’m only 24 and I’ve been having a lot of problems with regards my health. Recently, my back pains are getting worse and I’ve been having trouble with breathing.

And so I went to see a doctor to ask if I’m gonna die anytime soon (just kidding). I just had my blood pressure checked for fear that at this age, I am already highblood. Wrong. I am low-blood – 110/70. That explains my constant near-faint episodes and blacking outs (but really, not that serious). The doctor gave me three sheets of prescriptions and [as a matter of fact, I’m leaving my workstation to buy these medicines now].

Three sheets — Cerebrex (whatever that is) for my ‘Stiff Shoulders’ caused by tension and stress and not sleeping on time and too much thinking.. hehe, an anti-histamine drug (which name I forgot and is definitely not Benadryl) for my allergic rhinitis and the remaining sheet — a list of exercise that i need to lift the weight off my shoulders. I wonder if they have a medicine to really lift these burdens off my shoulder (figuratively speaking!)

It makes me think — it really is worth to invest in my health. Afterall, I owe my body some respect. God gave it to me whole and when I came back to see Him, every part of it must be in good condition.


Bills Bills Bills

I could practically hear Destiny’s child high notes wringing in my ears. Geez, I work to earn my dough to pay all my bills. Sabagay, this happens to everybody. I made this happen anyway. Had I known something about managing what I earn before, then I wouldn’t be a prisoner to this horrid experience.

First, I am a credit card junkie. I am paying quite a handful on my credit card bills alone (actually me and my sister share). I’ve got two cards and what I owe these two combined can actually buy me car ( a second hand, that is). What a waste! I get really pissed at myself when I think about how much food can I put on our table with the amount that is being wasted from binging on too much materal stuffs before. Haay… me and my selfish little ways. I swear I am working on that.

Now I have to endure a couple of years before I can finally free myself from the rope that binds me to these credit card sharks. No more and I mean NO MORE credit cards for me.


Now I have to go back to work.


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