Oh-My Oooopppsss Moments

Posted on: August 29, 2006

bloop·er (blpr)n.

Informal A clumsy mistake, especially one made in public; a faux pas.

Everybody has bloopers. I was probably waving my hands like a total wacko when God showered the earth with the ‘blooper potion’. Hence, the birth of Thet – the blooper Goddess.

It’s funny how I always make a spectacle of myself in the company of my friends (in the office) or in public. It never fails and I always wanted to tuck my face in my undershirt should it be possible.

Specimen No.1:

In a lot of photos, I am usually that person who has her own world (A) I am not looking at the camera (B) My mouth is hanging open like a mad volcano’s crater (C) I am covering my face with my right hand — i swear, it’s always the right. Because I laugh like crazy and I just can’t stop laughing once it hit me, the output is this —–>>

Specimen No. 2

The controversial P & F, B & V. I often hear people with braces mispronounce P as F and V as B and vice versa. But I don’t have braces; I have an overbite. It might be a good justification. Sometimes, I want to knock myself in the head when I drop this clanger whenever I’m in a formal meeting or when I am speaking in front of a large audience. It’s just so embarrassing.

Specimen No.3

Wayne (my seat/officemate) says I am deaf. Actually, he claims either I’m deaf or I’m just naturally dense. I know, harsh no? In truth, there are times when people tell me something, it just doesn’t register. I think those were what we call ‘total brain shut’. It’s like my brain cells just decided to give the day a rest without my permission. Thus, nagiging slow ako. Hehe.

Specimen No. 4

My usual tripping-in-my-own-foot episodes. I have a notion that my early demise will not be caused by my heart ailment; I will perish because of my own clumsiness… hehe. Thus, I hate tangled-up cables that obstruct my path (for sure, I’m gonna trip on them), my favorite square pinstriped slacks (because I am often victimized by them… what a way to repay their owner) and anything hazardous (ano daw?)

So, I leave you this: SNAFU. Situation Normal All F*ck*d Up!


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