Gotta earn the dough

Posted on: August 16, 2006

I’ve been working for almost five years now but the funny thing is that I haven’t actually saved anything to secure my future yet. I haven’t really invested on something big which I could proudly say, is the fruit of my hard work. Looking back, it makes me feel a little sad to realize that I actually haven’t made something out of myself yet. Or, probably I’m just thinking too much about having a [tangible] savings, the proof that hey, I live my own life now. Sure, I’ve lived independently for a couple of months, using my own resources, standing on my own feet but I went back – I went home.

Now, all I could think about is how to fill in my pocket, to have that savings… to buy myself everything that I want or get a life insurance plan at least. But at the rate my pay is going, I will not go anywhere… yet. It’s just enough to pay my bills and give me what I need. Nothing extra. So dream all I want right now and in the future, I’m gonna get them. Just not now.

I have been browsing the net for some freelance writing job postings and every part time job I could get… haaayyyy….


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