when the brain cells just decided to quit…

Posted on: August 10, 2006

i just wanna write but i don’t know what to write about.

Ironically, I’ve been writing mounds of articles these days to fill the empty pages in Asian Quality. But it’s a different story because they’re all nothing but technical stuff that I just pretend to understand. They say when you’re a writer, especially if you’re writing something technical, just pretend you know your stuff and you’ll get away with it… hehe… funny…

Anyway, I just wanna rant about what happened to me today and yesterday — which, by the way, is totally a blast. It’s too much to go into details but bottomline is I got to talk to the people whom I’ve been missing these past few days… my sweetest friends bebelle and mark who migrated in LA, and [funny] my ultimate, perpetual object of infatuation — yes, you know who he is (hahahaha!!!!)

Nah, it’s just nice to bring back the old days through the genius of technology… thanks to the internet… err… what am i saying? basta bottomline, na-miss ko sila and I’m happy to be in touch with them.

About work, I’m kinda wondering actually why the ogre hasn’t psyched me out for quite some time now… nakakapanibago… totoo ba ito? hehe. Hmmm…. what’s in his mind kaya? tsk… tsk… paranoia eats me alive.

As usual, the magazine’s not up yet… heard they’re moving the deadline again and seriously, i’m not pleased about it. God, when will this ever end?


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