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As mentioned, this guy is my current juvenile obsession.

Must be this smile… hehe… ang kulit


… am speechless…


My mouth’s gonna rip from too much yawning… Geez, I’m sooooo sleepy! Looks like I went to the office early today to carry on with my trip to dreamland. I was half-asleep half-awake while traveling from my house to the office and as soon as I reached my cubicle, I drowsed off like a baby. But since I am not thick and I do respect my work, I accept my defeat and succumb to my fate – work.

Yet, my mind’s too numb to function and there’s just too many things that I need to think about right now. (Thus, this blog). Like I thought it was over with AQ’s first issue yet I still am killing myself trying to finish everything; then, there’s the second issue that I have to start working on. Hay, life. As long as I know that God wouldn’t give me anything that I can’t handle, I’m at peace.

bloop·er (blpr)n.

Informal A clumsy mistake, especially one made in public; a faux pas.

Everybody has bloopers. I was probably waving my hands like a total wacko when God showered the earth with the ‘blooper potion’. Hence, the birth of Thet – the blooper Goddess.

It’s funny how I always make a spectacle of myself in the company of my friends (in the office) or in public. It never fails and I always wanted to tuck my face in my undershirt should it be possible.

Specimen No.1:

In a lot of photos, I am usually that person who has her own world (A) I am not looking at the camera (B) My mouth is hanging open like a mad volcano’s crater (C) I am covering my face with my right hand — i swear, it’s always the right. Because I laugh like crazy and I just can’t stop laughing once it hit me, the output is this —–>>

Specimen No. 2

The controversial P & F, B & V. I often hear people with braces mispronounce P as F and V as B and vice versa. But I don’t have braces; I have an overbite. It might be a good justification. Sometimes, I want to knock myself in the head when I drop this clanger whenever I’m in a formal meeting or when I am speaking in front of a large audience. It’s just so embarrassing.

Specimen No.3

Wayne (my seat/officemate) says I am deaf. Actually, he claims either I’m deaf or I’m just naturally dense. I know, harsh no? In truth, there are times when people tell me something, it just doesn’t register. I think those were what we call ‘total brain shut’. It’s like my brain cells just decided to give the day a rest without my permission. Thus, nagiging slow ako. Hehe.

Specimen No. 4

My usual tripping-in-my-own-foot episodes. I have a notion that my early demise will not be caused by my heart ailment; I will perish because of my own clumsiness… hehe. Thus, I hate tangled-up cables that obstruct my path (for sure, I’m gonna trip on them), my favorite square pinstriped slacks (because I am often victimized by them… what a way to repay their owner) and anything hazardous (ano daw?)

So, I leave you this: SNAFU. Situation Normal All F*ck*d Up!

What would you do if you were suddenly bombarded by hurtful words and hateful rantings that you didn’t know were already being harbored by a loved one? Me? I am devastated.
I am really hurt that thinking about it makes me wanna cry.

I had a big fight with my ‘kuya’ a few days ago and his words of revulsion keep ringing in my ears until I can hear no more. AND I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS OKAY. And to think that argument started with something really petty — my period. Don’t ask.

He said that I am a manipulative b**ch and that I didn’t deserve an ounce of respect. Wow… some very comforting words I got there; hit me hard… smacked me right in the middle of my face.

Yes, maybe I was that dominant mega-mean person that I used to be at home but I AM really working on it now. I am changing myself to a better person. I am a work in progress… slowly, I will get there. I am trying my very best to assuage my temper and purge every ill and vile attitude that I had before. I swear if you have your whole heart in it, it will happen.

Then it happened. Maybe I deserve that; maybe he needs to let it out of his system. He deserves that. And right now, the last thing I want is to stay perpetually mad at him. As if it can make everything okay. I know it wouldn’t but I am just a person and I am really really really hurt. If only I can hug him right now and tell him I am not what he thinks, I’d do that.

But right now, I am just an older sister — wounded and crying inside because I don’t deserve his respect.

I’ve found a new boyfriend. But he doesn’t know… that I even exist… Haha! Friends, meet Joo Ji-hoon (a.k.a. Prince Xin in Korean Drama “Princess Hours”). This is his cutest pic…


His Cuteness…

I often find friends through music; probably, it really is my life. As long as it is / they are there, I will keep on breathing.

And so I thank Dishwalla with all my heart for introducing me to Kaching a.k.a Kach, Kay, Kai (what’s the difference?). It may be very trivial for others but I think that’s how the universe conspired to make us good friends. Hadn’t she known I like Dishwalla, she wouldn’t have lent me her precious iPod (kala ko nga ibibigay na e… haha… kiddin’) to let me indulge in the sweetness of that band’s melodies and hymns. The rest is history… Actually no; we will never be history for I know this friendship would last a lifetime, generation gap and all (errr…. peace?!?!?!)

Katherine Kay Choa Ching – such a charming name for a tough persona. But it isn’t all about what we see from the outside. Beyond that armor is a sensitive heart, a crybaby, a tear-jerker as proven by the number of days she went to work with two swollen-shut eyes from too much crying. God knows how cumbersome her predicaments were at that time and we can only be glad she overcame. If there’s ever a girl who has balls, si kaching yun!

Kach, that girl who’s pretty inside out, clumsy as she may seem from time to time (remember showing the world your open fly in one of your cigarette breaks? How about your constant tripping-in-your-own-foot episodes?) is an angel who [probably] lost her wings upon threading the chaos of the mortal world. She may appear stern, a certified biAtch to those who gets on her neck and a nightmare to those who aspire to overthrow her powerful stance but to us she’s a friend, an ally, a guru of the geniuses of the 80s I so failed to witness… (Mabuhay ang Echo and the Bunnymen!) tsk… tsk… But on a serious note, she’s a mother to a wounded child, a big sister to the naïve (like me? Hehe) and the St. Nick of those who often crave (like me again =))

I would surely miss those hearty laughs, those fits caused by our sometimes unfathomable sense of humor. I will surely ache for your occasional ‘tag-praning’ episodes; the rated-R conversations between you and Vida [and yea, Gelai) that appall the hell out of me (hehe… ang bababoy!!!) and my regular “second hand” nicotine dosage from our cigarette breaks. It’s amazing how you can make the whole world laugh and cry with you without lifting a finger. I wish I could do the same.

So now I wish you GodBless on your journey to the outside world. (naks!) You’ve been there; you’ve done that. You know how to make it work. You always have my prayers. Mishuuuuuuuuuu bunch already.

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