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Posted on: June 20, 2006

In a world where we do not know where and what are we really going to end up, what is the whole point of going too far? The real world doesn’t tell us about our future nor it gives any promises that we will be what we want ourselves to be. Humankind becomes evil by its own regard; we are mere angels who fell from the ground. Some took off their wings while others chose to keep them.

In my own judgement, many angels have broken wings. Everyday, on my way to work, while walking the streets, while hailing a cab, I see them — looking at me. I maybe among them. But then maybe not.

I want to understand why there are so many people who seem to be always looking for something even though blessings are already peering at them straight in the face. They make me feel sad; they make the world cry. And I pity them. What gives contentment? What makes people say ‘enough’? What would it take to make someone happy (in its truest sense?). What does it take to see someone give that genuine smile and the tears flow from the heart?

Everyday, in the world that I live in — the corporate setting – I am disappointed by what I see. People work like machines; as if there’s no heart in them at all. I don’t mean all — sometimes, the ones on top are the more heartless kind. The ones at the bottom receive the blow. How can one man feel superior over another when they have the same pair of hands, the feet that keep them attached to the ground, the mind to think what’s wrong or right and the heart to feel?

I wish we have the answers. I wish we have the cure for this malady. The attitude is infectious and eventually, it will all lead us to death.

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