My ‘Kuya’

Posted on: June 4, 2006

Hay… how time flies. Whenever my mind flies back to yesteryears, I can’t believe that I used to help you dress yourself, even make fun of you while at it, asking you to wear my school skirt despite your protests and cries of torment. I am truly sorry.

I remember that time when you were born. I woke up surprised to see that I was hugging ‘Lola Inang’ instead of mom. It turned out she was out to deliver you into this world. It was funny though because I can’t remember being angry at the situation or feeling threatened that someone would share pop and mom’s affection; that I wouldn’t be the ‘baby’ of the family anymore.

In fact, I was kind of excited. I shared your crib and even your Cerelac. I accepted the fact that you can have everything that you want because you were YOU. Yes, there were times when we fought like cats and dogs, imitated Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior because of some petty squabbles with ‘Ate’ as our usual referee.

When I remember those, I can’t help but laugh. How you have grown over the years. Sure, we still fight; You still make my blood boil and drive me out of my wits. You still make me cry. But being your older sister, I don’t have the heart to be mad at you for so long that I often give in. I let things pass because even though you don’t say it, I know you are sorry.

Being a softie isn’t a part of you. You always project that ‘toughie’ attitude that sometimes repel even our folks. Yet you are so caring and so sweet, a loving and thoughtful ‘Kuya’ who takes care of both ‘Ate’ and me . Truly, you are the ‘Kuya’ that we never had.

I thank God you didn’t grow up to be a delinquent or a rebel. Instead, you choose to be responsible and be the ‘kind’ person that you are right now.

An artist, a musician, a romantic — you are all of these.

You are growing up so fast. You are maturing beyond your years. And I am so proud of you.



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