Isang nakaka-adik na umaga

Posted on: April 10, 2006

On my way to work this morning, I’m bombarded with lots of thoughts (ang hilig kase mag-isip) with Manong Driver humming along to the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” song that was playing in the background. Not that it’s annoying, but really, it was kind of distracting.
First, I am really furious with my brother for not going home (without our permission) last night. I felt like I tolerated his being a spoiled pain-in-the-ass attitude by actually helping him find the resources for his little outing. Ay nako, that kid will really get it from me later when I get home.

(pause) whoa… My boss is here… I thought he’d be in Cebu today… nyarks… =/

Anyway, just last week, I was caught up in a dilemma about work. Well, I guess it’s been solved already. Yesterday, my friend called to tell me that she’s turning down the job. Apparently, there were some changes on the original set up that didn’t please her much. So I guess the same goes for me. And I guess I’ll be stuck in this office for quite some time. Actually, I think it’s kind of a blessing in disguise (I hope I am right) since now, I actually have to finish Asian Quality. And did I tell you, the Asian Quality (the person) is coming back… =)


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