furious thoughts

Posted on: March 8, 2006

one thing that could really piss me off is when people overdo things. and by that i mean complicate them. the best way to accomplish something is to do it the easiest possible way, right? i hate it too when some things are settled then they will be turned upside down just because a ‘know-it-all’ does not think they are within or beyond his standards. God I love you, but why do you have to create such monsters

I am furiously typing away in my keyboard hoping to accomplish something today… i did or so i thought. I spent the entire morning stuck in the Asian Quality meeting. I swear I could see some great battles ahead… not just between me and the magazine but between some people as well. I refuse to elaborate. Oh, and yea, I lost another ten pounds… and ten more pounds to go on the day of the business planning this weekend.

(half an hour later…)
And now, we’re having second thoughts whether to push through with the business planning cum team building activity again this weekend. Looks like we’re moving it again (for the -nth time). I mean ya no harm but it’s just mentally tiring having to plan things all over again and again and again. *sigh*

It’s 5pm and I want to go home.


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