The upshots of caffeine addiction

Posted on: March 3, 2006

I’m late for work as usual; my brother nearly strangled me for taking too much time infront of the mirror. I just have this crazy but equally justifiable notion that looking good is a sign of respect. I mean all the effort in the name of advocating aesthetics has its value.

Anyway, that is not really my point. My coffee addiction is taking its toll — I’m having severe palpitations early in the morning, and not to excuse myself from doing work, I really feel sick. It’s as if I have this big lump [of air] in my chest that unregulates my breathing pattern. I really want to scream at the top of my lungs to let it all out. Then maybe I will feel better.

I don’t know if coffee can really keep me awake; sometimes I am convinced that I just drink it out of habit. COffee-less mornings are not usual anymore and a trip to the nearby Starbucks cafe or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at least once every two weeks (or actually, whenever we feel like it) is becoming part of my clique’s routine. I wish I have the guts to never drink coffee again in my entire life. But now, I guess, indulging myself a little more is just what I need.

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