Mga Usapang Pulitika between Thet & Cristine

Posted on: February 28, 2006

One lazy Tuesday afternoon, while browsing on the net for some updates on the coup ‘d etat ( i am still not giving up hopes of getting work called-off because of another mammoth protest-rally along Ayala Avenue) and my friend Cristine ferociously typing on the keyboard her ‘to do list’, we ended up talking politics… ayayaysushindi bagay.

Knowing me and Cristine, our usual tittle-tattle revolves around work, the latest fads, shoes, bags, movies, her ‘K-Portal’, my ‘AQ’ (both referring to persons actually), making fun of Wayne (the Chinese guy who logs off at exactly 5pm everyday) or our dearest Ka-Ching. It must be the chocolate mousse and the sylvanna that we consumed a while ago; yes, it must be the sugar rush and the excess seepage of glucose in our systems.

That little conversation went something like this:

Thet: Ano ba yung proclamation 1017?

Cristine: E di yung State of Emergency ni Gloria…

Thet: Alam mo kase yung pag-declare ni Gloria ng State of Emergency is a subtle way to suppress… (thinking)… hmmm… yung malayang pamamahayag…

Chin: Yea… hmmm… (nods)

Thet: Yea, kase pag ganun, hindi sila basta-basta pwede maglabas ng kung anu-anong balita… may rason ang gobyerno na basta na lang sila damputin…

Cristine: Kase ang problema sa Pilipinas, masyadong lax ang constitutional law…

Thet: OO nga…

Cristine: Unlike sa China, kahit communist, may control ang mga tao sa government kahit pa’pano…

Thet: But hey, you know what, di ba yung mga Pilipinong komunista, idol si lolo mao (tze dong)… because of his principles… sana ganun din dito… i prefer that actually…

Cristine: Syempre bakit…

Thet (joining in) … pulitika pinag-uusapan natin…

Sabay tawa!!! haha…

Really, what’s happening to the world?! (“,)


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