incomplete memoirs

Posted on: February 12, 2006

this afternoon, while looking after my mom’s store, i had fun watching these little children do some crazy things while playing. it brought back memories of my own childhood; they never fail to amuse me.

while we believe that kids say the darnest of things, i’d say they too perform the craziest of antics. take these two young lads that were staging a breakdance in the middle of the street, for instance. neither knows how to really dance but both looked really eager to outscore the other. one did a somersault while the other watched in awe. by then he knew that he’s defeated. a minute later and he was asking his other playmates to come up with another game.

then there were these two girls who were debating over who’s going to be the “mom” in their bahay-bahayan game. neither was willing to give up the role. i wondered why. then i found out that John, this new balikbayan kid was playing the ‘dad’ role. both has a crush on him. tsk… kids today.

i asked myself: was i like this back then? i was afraid of the answer. i seriously hope not.

what i was before was a normal kid who was easy to please. i played fair and never had a crush until i was in grade six. or was that not normal?


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