regrets? I surely hate this word.

Posted on: February 6, 2006

hah… i was browsing on my blogs at myspace when i came across this blog that i wrote when i had given up my journalism career… I don’t exactly know what to feel after reading this:

Sunday, June 19, 2005

the first time i quit (my job)
Current mood: okay

i’m counting the days and alas, i will be free!!! don’t get me wrong… actually i’m a little sad about this thing.

well, you see i just quit my job to move on to what they call as “greener pasteur.” i just think it’s about time… my friends think too and just about anyone agrees with it… even my cat, Sparkie. In less than a month, i will be transferring to a new office, a posh structure (not really, i’m kind’a exaggerating here) in the busy streets of Ayala Avenue — the Manhattan prototype in the Philippines… atleast in my opinion. Then, i would have to actually get used to glue-ing my ass from 8 to 5 a day at the office. I will sooo miss those times when i can be lax at work, having my own schedule and everything and also the fact that i could just run and hide, hibernate for all i care in the middle of it all, hide some place (safe) where my editor can’t reach me… hehe! just kiddin’! I would no longer be the ‘glorified corporate gossip’ that i’ve always claimed to be. i will miss the people whom i have work with in the three progressive and productive years as … much less the people who made my life a scorching hell in this span of time… i still wish them to rot alive.

so what made my decision? i would be such a hypocrite if i’d say it’s just for personal development, although it is partly because of that. i just felt that this is one hell of an opportunity that i can’t just flush down the drain. if i do, it would hunt me forever and i’ll end up dying anyway. the fact is that the compensation is great (think: monthly bills, credit cards, etc — i need a higher pay!), the company is in good standing and most of all, i just needed something new.

i couldn’t help but compare myself with Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic girl sometimes — not that i’m a shopping sucker, but we do have the same dilemmas… cut back or earn more. i choose the latter.

so it’s up to me now. to show the world that i’m beyond just a newspaper person. i can live in the corporate world. i just believe that once i’ve put one foot forward, there’s no turning back. i just had to take that giant step and see where it would lead me. wish me luck =D

see? hmm…. sorry, can’t help but shrug my shoulders and *sigh* for the -nth time…


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