Random thoughts

Posted on: January 25, 2006

Last night i was writing on my journal and i kept wondering why is it that when I am writing on my blog, i can’t seem to translate my words into a cohesive piece but when i write on my journal, thoughts kept coming like a tide on a windy day. The old journal trick still does it… I was thinking about the most beautiful thoughts that could make my day while cursing the office aircon for giving me a torturing headache (it was literallyblowing on my head).

So what are these thoughts?

> Me, bumming around ’til sun-down at the beach
> Me, getting a good massage and a body scrub
> Or, me at the beach having a good massage (forget about the body scrub) =)
> Me aboard a ship going somewhere South (watching Sunset on the ship’s deck)
> Having dinner with my friends at home or at a friend’s place after a busy day at the office
> A looong vacation with friends… (like the Puerto Galera thingy!)
> Me in my room reading a heart-wrenching novel
> People-watching with my people-watching buddies, Tere and Chin-Chin
> Me, staring at an empty space for hours
> Me and my cup of coffee
> Me, movie-marathon-ing on a Saturday night
> My cat Sparkie returning home (she ran away… ) =(
> My mom and pop celebrating another year of being together
> Vida doing the ‘May Jowa na Ako’ dance steps (hahahaha!!!)

Waittaminute… I’ve been writing forever, and all I can read was ME… Okay, let’s be superficial and think about the others…

> George W. Bush, Jr. and Osama Bin Laden ‘kissing and making up’…
> The same with Erap and Gloria
> Or better yet, Susan Roces and Gloria Arroyo
> Manny Pacquiao’s glorious winning moment
> Mayor Duterte for President [i can just imagine]

Okay, I ran out of thoughts already…


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