‘Coming Through’

Posted on: January 15, 2006

Yesterday, I bought Jim Chappell’s latest album ‘Coming Through’ and I haven’t stopped listening to it until now.

I am not a music critic or anything like it but I’d say his piece is one thing that is worth listening to. I especially like the ‘Lark Story’ and ‘Heartless Love’. But still, nothing compares to his saddest piece, ‘Almost Goodbye’.

I really don’t know but I can’t remember when I get started liking piano pieces or the sound of soft musical instruments like violin and cello for instance, more than the usual loud and aggresive alternative rock music I have grown accustomed listening to ever since highschool. Am I really getting old?

I remember my friend Chin-Chin listening to a bunch of piano pieces one lazy afternoon in the office and how I teased her about feeling like we’re in a hotel lobby, and even worse, in a department store. But since then, I fell in-love with the music.

It fascinates me how the sound can paralyze me and take me far from the trepidations of the real world. I am awed by its capacity to put me into slumber, efface my worries and soothe the scarred emotions I’ve been masking with the most blissful smile I could ever master.

When I listen to these pieces, I could feel that I’m whole, intact and worthy. I can see life in all its colors and wonders; I know that I am boundless. So, for what it’s worth, I am thankful I have found my music.


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