new year… old habit…

Posted on: January 5, 2006

Who says new year compels people to shun their old ways and start anew? I have always been a fan of new year’s resolutions but it was such a waste for me because i don’t get to keep those promises anyway. Now, I’m through with it. Instead I thought why not indulge myself a little more in those old stinkin habits (ei, as long as i done yeh none harm, i’m good, ait?)

Ten things I’d like to keep (doing) this year:

1. Drink coffee anytime I feel it. But not more than 3 cups a day this time.
2. Drink Coke — doesn’t matter if it’s sugarfree or not. I still get fat anyway.
3. Indulge in longer than usual sanity lapses. In other words, patulan ang mga araw at oras na ‘tag-praning’ ako. Hehe…
4. Buy books that I never get to read, which stay untouch on the bookshelf for a month.
5. Buy pirated DVDs. What can I do, the original’s too expensive?!?!
6. Sleep or take long naps (to put it nicely) while at work.
7. Stay up late… (for Conan) hehe…
8. Watch stupid shows like Jerry Springer
9. Eat a lot — of chocolates.
10. Write when i feel sad, bad, mad and happy!!!

Happy New Me?!?!?!


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