missing AQ

Posted on: December 14, 2005

thanks to cristine and the boyzIImen, i feel like i am a little unnerved today. someone crossed my mind. someone whom i thought i would be able to get over with in just a week’s time (okay, two or three weeks) after all, i was really hurt and i guess it still stings. i mean, really… i don’t know why this guy made such an impression on me. okay, he’s cute, funny, a no-nonsense good conversationalist, an artist, an introvert and extrovert combined (confusing huh?!) and super kuliiit! (my weakness… hehe!) okay, i’m a big hypocrite if i do not admit that i miss him. yea, maybe just a little… or maybe quite the opposite… I’ve been thinking a lot about him these days. sad no? workload and all… psyched out or not… he is there… constantly popping into my head. I suppose there is nothing really wrong about it as long as i keep my sanity in tact and avoid doing crazy things like confessing (hehe) to him for the second time. i mean i am way over that… i’d slap myself hard if i have to. i guess i just miss the person…


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