a smoggy outlook

Posted on: December 6, 2005

my clock reads 2:17pm and i sit paralayzed in front of my monitor. just like the haze that’s been building up outside my office window and the smog that pollutes the makati skyline, my mind is as blank and empty. i woke up in disdain dreading another 8 hours, well consider it 10 hours of work…of working for something that is not even there (at the moment). what pains me the most is not being appreaciated at all and that is how i see things here. and i though this only happens inside the big screen – you know, people working haplessly, routinely like robots that have been programmed for a day’s work… pathetic but it’s happening.
ans so i spent my lunch (one whole hour of it) still in front of my monitor taking a nice nap. and i mean really nice coz i even wandered off to dreamland .. i just can’t remember what, where and when. and then i woke still feeling ‘blah’ (as i always like to put it) and browsed on the net, only to discover Ping Medina’s live journal page. geez, i swear he’s really ‘asteeggg’!!!he, at this sweet stage of life, still unripe and juvenile, writes like a God. haven’t read anyone like him before. (careful thet, he’s taken…hehe) well, technically, he’s still looking and seems contented with occassional flirting and not yet officially attached but it’s like half of the women population is enamoured by his natural charm, so what are the chances, di ba?
so much for this… i need to prove my worth now.


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