Posted on: December 2, 2005

i thought i was ten-pound lighter by the time our meeting for the Asian Quality Magazine is over. My mind seems to have a big black hole in it that it sucked all that was stored in there a moment ago… had i not taken notes, i am dead meat. There were too many things to do, too many things to consider, too many letters to write, too many people to talk to, too many emails to send, too many hours to spend in front of my friggin’ monitor, too many ass**les to follow-up with, too many caffeine to take (to keep my screws working!), too many emotional traumas to keep aside and too much more to think about… *sigh* and yeah, too many blogs to compose to air out the things that’ve been killing me (a slow painful death). I wonder if i could get to live my 30s without white streaks in my hair… tsk…
I am extremely thankful that at my age (23 isn’t too old yet, is it?), i get to experience and learn a lot of things, career-wise (altho’ the pay is nothing to brag about). I am getting everything that i need, including the unnecessary and uncalled for ‘psyching out’ from my superior once in a while… but hey, i can [still] live with it. I am jut overwhelmed by this whole magazine thing that i can’t help but be worried that i might just screw it up. I mean, I know about publications and stuff but i never thought that one day, i would be handling one… at least not at this age. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining… again, i am just overwhelmed.
And so I am left without a choice this time. I need to do this. After all, I really wanted to do this. I just need all the help that I can get and maybe tons of prayers.

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