doing the unthinkable

Posted on: November 15, 2005

never in my wildest dream did it occur to me that there would come a time when i will actually be the one confessing to a guy about my feelings towards him… this just happened… a while ago… between me and my pretty guy (well he’s not mine in the first place).
shakingly, i confessed everything that i feel … how i realized that i’ve been falling helplessly and how i feel really stupid for doing so. he said it was okay, that it was such a natural thing (how everybody gets to have crushes on so on and so forth) but what makes me sad is that he seems to deny the fact or atleast acknowledge that i am into him. he acted like he was my big brother, telling me what to do and how, one day, i would look back and just laugh at the thought. he even said that this might be just an infatuation. i was hurt and mad and sad… but there is nothing else i can do. i guess i’ve done my part. at least i don’t need to second guess and i have my peace of mind now. the question is… how to go about the next step considering that moving on is such a hard thing to do… this is the very reason why i fear being in-love. my heart always breaks in the end.


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