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i miss my Asian Quality!!!!


i don’t know how to write anymore. and by that, i mean i feel like i don’t know how to construct a decent piece of an article — be it a news story or just the creative crap i so love to do. i was asked by my big boss to write a news briefing about a recent event for our company website and it hurt me to realize that i’ve been struggling to write a four-liner straight news story. The thing that i’ve been soooo expertly doing in the last four years, now i am having a hard time doing. I am so doomed. I capitalize in this craft and yet i am slowly losing it. i hate to think this way but i just can’t help it or maybe i am just over-reacting and i am crossing my fingers that i am just being paranoid.

hmm… this past few days, things with me and my pretty guy is going quite well… lucky me… i think i’m past that stage when i feel really weird (not to mention, a total loser) whenever he’s near me. we’re closer than ever and i think this is more than enough. I mean, i never wish for superficial things to happen… if it would then i’ll be the happiest person on earth, but if not, i’m happy just the same. Him being around, being his usual makulit self is fine. I never thought that we would agree on some things (unang tingin naman kase, he’s really weird e… hehe!) but surprisingly, we do… although in the littlest things lang. At least we have something to talk about. And i mean, once we start talking, we just couldn’t stop. actually, he just couldn’t stop… he’s soooo talkative… but in a good way. sometimes, it just makes me wanna stare at him for hours. (if it wouldn’t be too psycho to do so.. haha!) i really LIKE the guy soooo much! i think i’m falling… hmmm… cheezzzyyyyy… EEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! forgive me but i’m still elated by what transpired the whole day… i can’t even stop smiling (^_^) whatever that is… im keeping it to myself na lang… hahaha!!! i just wanna shout to the world how happy i am to be with him… hope this would never end…

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