August 05, 2005 Friday 6:55pm

Posted on: August 5, 2005

Rochelle and me are suppose to have dinner together but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the heavy downpour. it’s fine with me though as i still have a long list of “to do stuffs” to finish.
What a day! I was actually sulking this morning because I thought the pretty guy was mad at me. turned out he wasn’t. we even had lunch together. geez, i am really being a paranoid… (it’s sooo pathetic) but as always, i do not care… I am happy and I am fine with it. (“,) This was also the first time I ever had a picture taken with the pretty guy. The outcome wasnn’t that magnificent though — he looked a little constipated while I looked like a mad kitten… shucks… hoped it was prettier (^__^)
He was nice but still, aloof. We kind’a teased him about forgetting how to smile because of too much work… He said in real life, he’s a goofball. I’d surely like to see that side. *sigh* I wish to know him more.


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