August 02 Tuesday 3:45 pm

Posted on: August 2, 2005

i know you are losing the truest sense of what you are called — My daybook — because i haven’t written in a long time (and it’s suppose to be everyday!) Lately, we’ve been really buried with work because of that Trainer’s Companion Stuff. Last night, we went home almost 9pm. I wasn’t able to finish the editing stuff but atleast, I’m going somewhere.
The pretty guy also took an ot yesterday so it didn’t bother me much having to spend almost 13 hours in the office (tee-hee!) lovely to look at, charming to hold… but i’m only allowed the former. sucks.
It was just past 3pm when I opened this blog… i had to finish some things so it’s actually 6:45 pm now. I’m still here at the office. To be honest, I am not actually psyched at all to go home. I can actually stay here for as long as it could take. I’d rather work than be the stranger that I am at home with my mother. I wonder of we’ll ever be okay. As far as I know, I have nothing to ask for an apology for. I know I am only a daughter but daughters also have rights and dignity to keep. And my so-called mother just stripped me off of what’s what left of that. She ought to say sorry, not me. (I know i sound like a total b**ch but i was raised to fight for my beliefs).
Yesterday, my boss already spoke to us (V and Z) about that house (Condo actually) that they are going to rent for us (with us paying only half the rent as an incentive). I am actually thinking about moving out but i did not expect it to be so soon. I still am deciding… should it fit my budget, I’ll go for it, definitely! It’s just so sad that my sister and me wouldn’t be living together anymore (coz she has her own plans of moving out). I so love being with her despite the fact that we fight like cats and dogs do.


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