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my spirits are pretty high today and i hope it won’t drop an inch until i go home this afternoon. it’s just a little sad though that my “inspiration” isn’t here.. no one to stalk… hehe.. nah, i just feel happy seeing him around… anyway, i think this whole crush thing is going up a notch higher… i mean, i’m really really starting to like like like him… hehe! and i don’t know why. i just don’t get it… as my good friend zillah puts it, the only thing lacking him is a big “L” sign on the forehead. but i beg to disagree. Well maybe he’s a little off when it comes to his fashion but all in all, he’s really not that bad. in fact, he has this cute face which he conceals with his unruly hair… (“,)
anyway, so far my day’s good… even without a glimpse of him… ’til next…


there’s really nothing spectacular about having a serious (is this?!?) crush on someone… especially on someone whom you see everyday but not necessarily get close to as much as you wish for. in my case, i easily get frustrated when the day passes by without my prospect looking (and please, smiling) my way. I usually find him snobbish or a bit moody or i tend to hate (well, just irked by) him. Don’t get me wrong… i seriously hate this feeling. blah….

so sad today…. haven’t seen him in like two days na!!!! huhuhu

I’m going to sleep at my new home tonight…. (“,)

Is this a good day or what?!?! At last, we have finished the prototype of the EMS 2004 project… yea, after days (and nights) of unabated work (except for a minute or two of daydreaming about the pretty guy). Whom, speaking of, I’ve been missing for the past seven and a half hours. he’s not here the whole day. =( yesterday, i felt like i was jilted. he commented something about our picture that broke my little heart… haha! something like not wanting to see it again… grrr…. that… guy! anyway, i’m having a good time right now… not too loaded with work but i haven’t finished this one thingy that i have right now… hmmm… my mind has this big void in it that it feels sooo empty today… maybe drained with too much thinking during the previous project. wait ’till the big boss comes back and we’re in for tons more.

Rochelle and me are suppose to have dinner together but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the heavy downpour. it’s fine with me though as i still have a long list of “to do stuffs” to finish.
What a day! I was actually sulking this morning because I thought the pretty guy was mad at me. turned out he wasn’t. we even had lunch together. geez, i am really being a paranoid… (it’s sooo pathetic) but as always, i do not care… I am happy and I am fine with it. (“,) This was also the first time I ever had a picture taken with the pretty guy. The outcome wasnn’t that magnificent though — he looked a little constipated while I looked like a mad kitten… shucks… hoped it was prettier (^__^)
He was nice but still, aloof. We kind’a teased him about forgetting how to smile because of too much work… He said in real life, he’s a goofball. I’d surely like to see that side. *sigh* I wish to know him more.

It’s just the middle of the week and it felt like weekend already! we’re sooo loaded with work these days. I am actually quite finish with the editing stuff for the ‘procedures’ … almost done and i’m so happy about it.
sucks big time today… the pretty guy isn’t here the whole day. =( i sooo missed looking at him (i know i sound like a total psycho…hehe!) ei, he’s really cute today! err, he looks a bit different and i’d say he really looks something… (“,) but yea, he didn’t stay the whole day… grrr…. guess i’d just see him tomorrow then….
okay, i have to go back to work…

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