July 22 Friday 12:45 pm

Posted on: July 22, 2005

huhuhu…. i’m not feeling well… i feel so sick, i’m starting to regret going to work. I should be staying home and resting… probably sleeping right this moment… but i have to work. got some things to finish. I need to get those quotations for the magazine ASAP. Even got at a meeting at 1pm about the timeline of the products. Anyway, i had a good time last night with my friend Bambie and Ate Helen. It’s really nice to catch up with them. We talked basically about work and I couldn’t stop blabbing about the pretty guy (“,) but anyhow, that’s an entirely different story. tee-hee!
speaking of, he just left about two hours ago with this really pretty lady, a consultant or something… i think a business meeting or whatever that is. it’s plain work but i am really really jealous (hehe… Over-reacting) don’t know if he’ll still be back but i hope he would so i would have someone (thing) pretty to look at… hehe!


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