July 18 Monday 2:55 pm

Posted on: July 18, 2005

Grrr…. I am officially pissed off now… (okay, just a little). This is practically my fourth attempt to write this blog. The first three were deleted. I don’t know what’s wrong with this computer… my patience is running thin.
Anyway, I am just squeezing this blog stuff in to my workload. It’s basically my way of unwinding from long hours of tormenting my brain with copywriting. Ei, I’m new at this job so spare me. I’m used to writing business news and whatever articles related to transport and trade. But im getting used to it so there’s no point complaining.
My frustration is that I think I am seriously crushing on one person. It’s not really a big deal but I am just overwhelmed coz I haven’t had a crush on someone in a long time (after one serious relationship). Geez, this makes me sound like an infatuated highschool kid. And I think it’s kind’a funny.
I just find him cute in a ‘weird’ manner… hehe. He’s just different and he has this cute little face that you would never get tired of looking at. Actually, I am pretty stupid coz he has caught me a number of times looking at him (though I am trying really hard not to look). I’m just playing it cool, smiling and saying ‘hi’… geez, I know I sound really stupid. But hey, I’m happy doing this… simple small things that can make my day so why deny myself, right? (“,)

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