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It’s been a while, but there’s really nothing much to tell. For the last few days, I’ve (we’ve) been busy with work due to this product that we have to deliver in the next two weeks. How to put it: The word is not really ‘enjoying work’ because it is WORK and I am actually a self-confessed bummer. I never thought that I’d be okay with having to spend atleast 12-14 hours a day at work but now I am kind’a grasping the idea. First, I am compelled to do it and I am really fine with it. And considering the atmosphere at home now, I’d rather spend my entire day here at the office. Yea, my mom and me are still giving each other the cold shoulder. It’s not that I am still mad at her, I’m just really offended by what she said and did when we last fought. The fact that she gave away the spare room that we’re supposed to have as an extension to our room (to my ‘she’s-too-poor-oh-poor-thing-you’re-soo0oo-annoying tita) adds to my sentiments. It makes me feel that her sister is more important than her own family! It really makes me mad as hell (and my sister too!)
As for my pretty guy, he’s been such a snob this week. wonder what his problem is. Anyway, it doesn’t make any difference. He still doesn’t know my thing for him. (“,)
The Product Team is having this little dinner ‘party’ for the new company. Sayang, pretty guy wouldn’t be there because he’s not part of our team. I just hope it would turn out well.
By the way, I still have about 40% of colds virus in my system… sucks…


It’s Sunday and I’m here in the office finishing some work so i won’t have to go here tomorrow (it’s special holiday anyway because of the President’s SONA). I had my first “bad” experience at work Yesterday when that ‘gorilla’ scolded the whole office [out of nowhere] just because people kept asking the management to clarify our working sked for Monday. I really hate him.
Anyway, on a much happy note… I miss the pretty guy so much today. i looked at some of his pictures and he looks really funny… (“,) i wish i could look at them all day.

huhuhu…. i’m not feeling well… i feel so sick, i’m starting to regret going to work. I should be staying home and resting… probably sleeping right this moment… but i have to work. got some things to finish. I need to get those quotations for the magazine ASAP. Even got at a meeting at 1pm about the timeline of the products. Anyway, i had a good time last night with my friend Bambie and Ate Helen. It’s really nice to catch up with them. We talked basically about work and I couldn’t stop blabbing about the pretty guy (“,) but anyhow, that’s an entirely different story. tee-hee!
speaking of, he just left about two hours ago with this really pretty lady, a consultant or something… i think a business meeting or whatever that is. it’s plain work but i am really really jealous (hehe… Over-reacting) don’t know if he’ll still be back but i hope he would so i would have someone (thing) pretty to look at… hehe!

the pretty guy is here…. (“,)

i have no appetite today. maybe because of the fact that im feeling nauseous all morning becuase of my colds and fever. i’ve already taken my ‘drugs’ and im actually feeling a little bit better… just sleepy.
haven’t seen the pretty guy around yet so my day isn’t complete yet (awww!) wonder where he is but of course, i can’t just ask around (if i wanna keep my sanity intact).

weaahh… just 30 minutes ago, i was sulking. the pretty guy was such a snob. he doesn’t even smile. we had a meeting (he was there so i was elated) but he didn’t even blink in my direction. i wonder if im just really a paranoid little thing or it’s just really him. haay, whatever it is, i don’t wanna think about it… i’m going crazy here.. but actually, he did approach me a while ago, just hearing him call my name makes me smile up to my ears, but of course i had to act normal. I swear, i really really like him.

so here i am eating lunch at my workstation… actually, there’s just no room for the three of us (vida, tin and me) at the conference room (the smaller one) where we usually eat lunch… there’s too many of them there already. (“,) the pretty guy isn’t eating lunch yet… hmmm.. busy (yea, talking with someone) hehe… he’s cute but he’s voice is a real turn off… hehe

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